You have finally received a job offer and you realize that you will soon get your first paycheck.

Indeed, you feel that your student life has come to its end and you can now look for a cozy accommodation maybe nearer to your new office.

However, if you are aiming to obtain a work residence permit, you had better plan to move after the conversion process is over. Why? Because applying for conversion and then moving to another place in the following weeks could be risky.

Certainly, Prefettura will ask you to submit your residency certificate (certificato di residenza) and the registered rental contract or hospitality declaration.

Many students we assisted received their appointment at Prefettura, while they were holding the old residency certificate related to their previous accommodation and the new rental contract not registered yet.

Undoubtedly, this incongruity will not be accepted: you must change your residency as well.

If you live in Milan, the process can be done and completed online in a few days. If, on the contrary, you live within another municipality, changing your residency can take more time.

In conclusion: timing, as in many other occasions, is crucial!