Reception and integration paths

Through its Association, SAN MARTINO wants to offer a contribution, by making its experience and skills available, for initiatives that promote inclusion and social cohesion, with particular attention to the most vulnerable sections of the population and foreign workers.

The experience of 30 years shows us that, in particular, meeting people with a culture different from ours can be an enrichment for our society, for businesses, for schools and for each of us.

The condition for this process to develop positively passes through the ability to carry out social and cultural integration projects, financed by public and private entities and foundations.


We participate in projects for work orientation and trainings dedicated for the vulnerable groups of the population with the aim of reinforcing their skills, improving their chances of employability, and to support them actively in the different stages of work search. A particular attention is dedicated for female personnel and for mothers with children, with a special interest for domestic work and elderly care.

The multi-year collaboration with the Police Headquarters and the Prefecture of Milan has led to the stipulation of a memorandum of understanding for collaboration in support activities for the management of residency permits applications. The objective we want to pursue is to encourage regular migration processes by supporting the institutions and citizens of third countries through information and orientation activities.

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