Are you thinking of working in Italy after graduation? Are you struggling with paperwork? Let’s try to understand together timing and requirements related to the conversion of your study permit into a work one.


First of all, we need to make a distinction:

  • if you graduated from a public or private Italian University legally recognized by MIUR (Italian Education Ministry), you can apply for conversion of your study permit every time of the year.
  • If you, on the contrary, have attended a course (e.g. Italian classes) within a private Institute or a vocational training program, you must wait for a specific Interior Ministry Decree (Decreto Flussi), which is issued every year (normally in March-April). The decree fixes the number of conversion applications accepted per year. Get ready and collect all the required documents in advance: in this way, you will be able to apply immediately after the decree’s publication.



The following are the most essential requirements: applying for conversion without meeting these criteria will be useless!

  • Valid residence permit for study
  • Residency (residenza) in Milan or in another Italian city
  • Suitable accommodation
  • If you want to obtain a work permit as an employee (lavoro subordinato) you will need a job offer
  • If you want to convert your permit into a work one as self-employer (lavoro autonomo) – freelance or company consultant – you will have to make a greater effort!

Indeed, you will apply at Chamber of Commerce for a specific authorization. Moreover, you must possess a significant amount of money (8.500€ minimum) to start your own activity, or you will be offered a consultancy contract of 8.500€ minimum.

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