Many students who are studying abroad need to sustain themselves during the studies, or, at least have to contribute to the expenses their families have to afford.

But many questions arise as soon as a job opportunity comes to the horizon: can I work in Italy as a regular worker? Should I open a Partita IVA (VAT number)?

The answer to the first question is Yes, although there are some conditions.

As a foreign student, your study permit allows You to work only on a PART-TIME basis for a maximum of 1040 hours per year.

The part-time can be either “vertical” or “horizontal”; it means that You can work either 20 hours per week for 12 months or 40 hours per week for 6 months.

In any case You have to remember that, your contract cannot exceed the duration of your student permit.

Another question may arise: Do I need to open a Partita IVA to work as a self-employed person?

The answer is that You don’t need a Partita IVA if your job is not running regularly. In this case, your job is regulated as “Temporary job” (lavoro occasionale).

You may have heard that You can work on a Temporary Job only until € 5.000 per year. This is not true, because the 5.000€ ceiling has been canceled a few years ago, so now the only criteria to work without P.IVA is only “qualitative”.

You must remember, however, that when You exceed 4.800€ You must inform your Employer, and start to pay social security contribution.

From the point of view of the Employer, Temporary jobs can be done for a legal entity (food delivery, web designer…) or a person or a family (baby-sitter, house cleaner,..). You have to follow a different procedure depending on the above two options.

When you work for a Legal entity, You will be paid by the Employer by issuing a document (Notula) that is valid as payment receipt; this document will include the 20% income taxes paid in advance (Ritenuta d’acconto).

When You work for a private or a family (baby-sitter…) You will be paid through a voucher directly on your bank account. To do that You have to register on INPS website following the Libretto di Famiglia procedure.