If you are studying in Italy, you may think that looking for a job, and to prepare yourself for it, is not your n.1 priority for the time being.

In addiction, you may think there will be a time when the University will take care of your job orientation by giving you all the information and tools to access to job market in order to find the job you are looking for.

Unfortunately, your expectations will probably be disappointed.

Indeed, many courses of studies in Italy are very qualified from a scientific point of view. Universities provide a very complete set of competences in the field you have chosen as the topic for your studies. However, it is very common that little attention is paid to help and support you into the next step. It is what is called the “self-reference” attitude of the Italian academic environment, that sometimes can lead to a kind of isolation from society.

Certainly, there are “pros and cons” deriving from this situation. However, you can take for grant that you must take the ownership of your professional development, starting from scratch. If you don’t take the weel, nobody will build your professional project for you!

San Martino has spent many years in helping and supporting foreign students in the process of approaching the Italian job market and develop their professional project. We can provide you with bureaucratic support in order to convert your permit for study into a work one as well as helping in preparing the resume and managing the job interview.

However, before going through the whole process, our suggestion is that you start answering a few questions:

  • Why did you choose your course of studies?
  • How was your previous image about your future job?
  • Has this image changed during the years?
  • How do you imagine yourself in 5 – 10 years?
  • Which steps have you foreseen to achieve your professional objectives?


We will start from here for the next step.