New restrictions in place: Milan and Lombardy are higher-risk zones

New restrictions are in place: the Italian Government has established new rules by issuing a new Dpcm, which will be in force until December 3rd. Are you trying to understand how your daily life will change from November 6th? First of all, Italy has been divided in different areas [...]

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Get ready to convert your study permit: Decreto Flussi has been published

WHAT IS DECRETO FLUSSI ? Are you a non-EU student? Do you hold valid residence permit (permesso di soggiorno) for study purposes and a residency certificate (certificato di residenza)? Are you doing an internship in Italy? Do you hold a valid residence permit (permesso di soggiorno) and a residency [...]

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Study permit conversion: an essential step for your professional career in Italy

Are you thinking of working in Italy after graduation? Are you struggling with paperwork? Let’s try to understand together timing and requirements related to the conversion of your study permit into a work one. TIMING: First of all, we need to make a distinction: if you graduated from a [...]

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How to build your professional project – Part 2: five preliminary questions

1) Why did you choose your course of studies? You may have taken your decisions under many different circumstances, like your parents advise, your liking of one specific matter, or simply because you didn’t have any better option. No matter how you did the choice, now you need to [...]

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FAQ – foreign students and professors in Italy in the time of COVID-19

Are you a foreign professor or student currently in Italy? Here you can find useful information related to your study or work permit.   Did the Italian government extend the validity of my expiring residence permit? Law decree March 17th, 2020, no. 18, states that all permits with an [...]

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