Supporting employment for women and mothers in disadvantaged conditions during the Covid era

Funded by Azimut Foundation Milan – Italy – May 2021


To support the entry into the labor world of 10 unemployed women and mothers in vulnerable and disadvantaged conditions, both foreign and Italian. In a moment of serious uncertainty on the topic of work felt particularly by the most vulnerable segments of the population.


  • 10 young women and/or single mothers, belonging to vulnerable groups, primarily Italian citizens, Italian citizens of foreign origin, including second or third generation citizens and lastly citizens of third countries, migrants or refugees, but with a regular residency permit in our country.
  • These women also have a low level of education, poor professional skills, short or no work experience. As a selection pool, we addressed both the residents of the accommodation managed in RSD by the ‘La Strada’ Cooperative, located in the Corvetto area (Municipality IV), and guests of residential facilities for vulnerable women managed by the coop. Farsi Prossimo Onlus.


  • The project addressed women, often alone, responding to unmet needs of the identified vulnerable group of women
  • It promoted a holistic approach that took into consideration all aspects of the person’s development, providing not only an integration but also an educational path aimed at creating protagonism and autonomy among the beneficiaries of the project
  • It has fostered a partnership with the private sector through the involvement of families, organizations and companies in identifying the skills necessary for employment and in the training path of beneficiaries


More than 40% of the participants were able to find at least temporary employment within six months of the end of the project.”